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How To Make More Money as a Vending or Micro Market Operator?

Two bags each of our 3 varieties of fantastic chocolate chip cookies! DOUBLE Belgian Chocolate Chip / TRIPLE Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and ORGANIC Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! The cookies are FREE -we only ask that you please cover delivery. This will greatly assist and we greatly appreciate it. Enjoy them! Pass them around! Party like it's your birthday! AND vote with your taste-buds! Delivery will be credited back on your first order.
We only service continental U.S.A.
Thank you! Bart and Judy, Los Angeles
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Step 1: Sample revolutionary, bakery-quality cookies! Pass them around!

You get:

• 2 Bags Scrumptious DOUBLE Belgian Chocolate Chip!  

• 2 Bags Scrumptious TRIPLE Belgian Chocolate Chip!

• 2 Bags Scrumptious ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER Belgian Chocolate Chip!

6 Bags, over 60 cookies! Vote with your taste buds!

Complete with your step-by-step roadmap for increasing your profits and income!

Continental U.S.A. only!  Bart and Judy